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Get a Grip with Rhino Grip Tarp Clips

Rhino Grip Tarp Clips - Versatile Fasteners for Home, Garden, Farming, Commercial, Industrial and Outdoor Recreation

Rhino Grip Tarp Clips are fabricated from a nearly indestructible fiberglass-filled nylon clip that will resist cracking down to 65 degrees below zero! The innovative Rhino Grip Clip out performs all other competitor clips in the toughest conditions.

Rhino Grip Clips go far beyond simply rigging, tethering and repairing tarps.... With literally hundreds of uses in outdoor sports, recreation, commercial uses that save money and that impressive extra farm hand when you need it! The sheer number of possible uses for Rhino Clips, the most versatile universal tool you will ever reach in your glove box for..... are endless!

Hundreds of Uses

  • Hunting Blinds
  • Emergency Shelters
  • Disaster Kits
  • Boat Covers
  • Trailer Covers
  • Secure or Repair Tents
  • Fasten Rainflys
  • Cargo Tie-down
  • Hang Lanterns and Boots
  • Hang Wet Gear
  • Emergency Sail Repair
Rhino Grip™ Tarp Hooks have endless uses in the great outdoors. Use them to keep food away from the bears, create a rain fly, hang a lantern, and other tasks limited only by your imagination.
  • Fix Broken Pack Straps
  • Hang Camp Lights
  • Secure BBQ Covers
  • Seal and Hang Food Bags
  • Hang Clothes
  • RV Awnings
  • Motorcycle Covers
  • Tie Down Tarps
  • Emergency Boat Rigging

The Rhino Grip ™ is an extra heavy duty multipurpose grip that is your solution to many tasks in the shop, on the water, on the farm or on a construction site, whether you need to hook it, hang it, loop it or tie it down.

Our Purchase Promise

  • Lifetime guarantee against defects
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Order Your Rhino Grip Tarp Clips Today! Order Rhino Grip Tarp Clips in packs of 4, 10, 20, and 50. FREE U.S. shipping on the 20 and 50 Tarp Clip packs. Rhino Grip is an essential, versatile tool that belongs in your tool kit, just as you keep a hammer, screwdriver, or pliers. Get Rhino Grip today!

About Rhino Grip Tarp Clips

The Rhino Grip Tarp Clip is a simple, rugged all purpose tool made of tough fiberglass-filled nylon that resists cracking down to 65 degrees F below zero and performs in the toughest conditions. Hundreds of uses in camping, boating, hunting and fishing, gardening, construction and more. Great on work sites, around the home, while camping, boating, hiking, or anywhere you need a multipurpose clip fastener. Many earthquake kit, disaster kit, and emergency shelter possibilities make it a reliable, must-have member of your toolkit for home, auto, boat, and RV. Rhino Grip's powerful toothed clamping jaws allow you to tie it, hang it, repair it, hook it, join it, cover it... and much more.